Protect Your Home, Business, And Family

Safe Guard Entry Point

Entry points are the most common way for burglars to gain entry into a property. Glass doors are common in office areas, yet they are vulnerable for being smashed, give quick entrance to intruders. Security screen can create a visual deterrent to intruders, in addition to preventing burglars from smashing glass doors. 

Private Patrol

Intercept Security offers random, scheduled, and on-call patrol services designed to meet a number of demands from provisions of property inspections by vehicle and on foot; securing of amenities and identifying trespassers. 

Video Monitoring Systems

Another common way for companies who want to secure their goods and property is to have 24-hour video monitoring systems. In the event of any suspicious activity, remote guards will notify you or call police as required. Cameras need to be hidden well to prevent thieves from destroying  or shielding the view of the cameras. 


Always lock your home before leaving. Keys should be ready in hand to open door when arriving home. Don't hide keys outside your home. Prune back shrubbery so it doesn't hide doors and windows.

Motion Sensors

Most commercial properties have motion sensor alarms systems that sound when any movement in unauthorized zones is detected. Although alarms only alert owners to the presence of intruders after the intrusion has occurred, they are generally an effective security measure for any property.

Social Media

Don't post vacations plans online. Photos and location sharing not only tell people where you are, but it also tell people where your aren't.